"The 2011 Pinto World held in Tulsa, Oklahoma -- a great show!!!" Fred

Congratulations to Nicole Rath in Amateur and Fred Tabor with KEEPIN IT CLASSY - 2 year old over gelding

  • Reserve World Champion - Amateur Halter Geldings

  • Reserve World Champion - Open Halter Geldings

Congratulations to John Cadenhead and Fred Tabor with KIDSCLASSICCENTERFOLD - 2 year old overo mare

  • World Champion- Overo Halter Mares

  • Open Supreme Color Champion

  • 3rd place Open - Halter Mares

  • 7th place Amateur - Halter Mares

Congratulations to Dr. Mike and Vicky Ruggiero and Fred Tabor with PR KIDS GOOD FRIDAY - 2 year old Tobiano mare

  • World Champion - Open 2 Year Old Tobi Mare

  • World Champion - Open Tobiano Color

Congratulations to Danielle Seibert and Fred Tabor with POWER HITTER - 5 year old aged Tobiano Stallion

  • Reserve World Champion - Amateur Stallions

  • Reserve World Champion - Open Stallions

  • Reserve World CHampion - Open Stallions Color

Congratulations to Mike, Donna, & Melissa Ashby and Fred Tabor with CK UNO SENORITA - Yearling Overo Filly

  • 5th place - Amateur Yearling Mares

  • 5th place - Open Yearling Mares

Congratulations to Mike, Donna, & Melissa Ashby and Fred Tabor with BROOKS DUN N BLACK - Yearling Overo Stallion

  • Reserve World Champion - Yearling Stallions

Congratulations to Ford Farms and Fred Tabor with ROAD SCHOLAR - Yearling Overo Gelding

  • 4th place - Open Yearling Geldings

Congratulations to Dr. Sue and Mike Hamilton and Fred Tabor with IM JUST BROOKE - Weanling Overo Filly

  • World Champion - Amateur Weanling Filly

  • World Champion - Open Weanling Filly

  • Reserve World Champion - Youth Weanling Filly

  • 3rd place - Open Overo Color


2008 APHA World Show Results


Obsesed Layde Love - World Champion Youth 2 year old mares and Reserve World Champion Amateur 2 year old mares

Hez Extraordinary - 3rd Youth 3-year-old Geldings

JMS Impressive Model - 4th Youth Yearling Mares

Triple T Lee - Reserve World Champion Amateur 2 year old Stallions

Sunny N Hot Rita - Reserve World Champion Youth Yearling Mares

Kiss A Belle - 6th Amateur 3 year old mares and World Champion Overo Color

Magnificent Touchdown - Reserve World Champion Open 3 year old Stallions

PtHA World Show Results

Officialy An Allstar - World Champion Amateur Yearling Stallions, Reserve World Champion Open Yearling Stallions - Overo

PR Triple Digit Kid - Reserve World Champion Open Yearling Stallion - Tobiano and World Champion Tobiano Color

Boy Im Impressed - World Champion  Amateur Yearling Gelding and Reserve World Champion Open Yearling Gelding

Kiss A Belle - Reserve World Champion Amateur 3 year old mare, 4th Open 3 year old Mares and Supreme Color Champion

Santanas Southern Boy - World Champion 2 year old breeding stock gelding

2007 PtHA Congress Results

Your So Obsesed
- Yearling Colt - $500 Slot Class Winner - Yearling Overo Stallion, 1st Amateur Yearling Halter Stallion, 1st Open Yearling Halter Stallion - CONGRESS CHAMPION, 1st International Futurity Yearling Halter Stallion and GRAND CHAMPION OVERO STALLION


Obsesed Layde Love - Yearling Mares - $500 Slot Class 1st - 1st Amateur Yearling Mares, 1st Youth Yearling Mares, Open Yearling Halter Mares - CONGRESS CHAMPION, 1st International Futurity Yearling Mare and GRAND CHAMPION MARE

Mighty Awesome Blues - $100 Slot Class 1st - Weanling Stallion, Breeders Cup 1st - Weanling Stallion, 2nd International Futurity Weanling Halter Stallion, 5th Open Weanling Stallions

Sheza Fancy Obsession - Weanling Mare - $100 Slot Class 3rd - Weanling Mares, Breeders Cup 1st - Weanling Mare, 1st International Futurity Weanling Halter Mare, 2nd Open Weanling Overo Mare - RESERVE CONGRESS CHAMPION

PR Triple Digit Kid - Weanling Stallion -$500 Slot Class Winner - Weanling Tobiano Stallion, Breeders Cup 1st - Weanling Stallion, Breeders Cup Champion Overall, 1st Open Weanling Tobiano Stallion - CONGRESS CHAMPION, 1st International Futurity Weanling Halter Stallion and GRAND CHAMPION TOBIANO STALLION

MNC Priority - $500 Slot Class 2nd - Weanling Mare, Breeders Cup 3rd - Weanling Mare, 2nd Amateur Weanling Mares , 3rd Open Weanling Mares, 2nd International Futurity Weanling Halter Mare

Causin Applause - Yearling Mare - $500 Slot Class - 5th Yearling Mares, 3rd Open Yearling Halter Mares, 3rd International Futurity Yearling Mares

Stylish Blue Dress - 1st Open Yearling Breeding Stock Mares - CONGRESS CHAMPION, 1st International Futurity Yearling Breeding Stock Mare and GRAND CHAMPION MARE

Kiss A Belle - 2nd Open Yearling Mares - RESERVE CONGRESS CHAMPION

Congratulations to our owners and horses on a job well done! 4 Congress Champions and 2 Reserve Congress Champions!!

2007 APHA Congress Results

Cool Starlet -
Weanling Mare - Reserve Champion Early Weanling Mare Futurity, Congress Champion Open Weanling Mares


Obsesed Layde Love - Yearling Mares - Champion Yearling Mare Futurity and Congress Champion Open Yearling Mares


Hez Extraordinary - 2 Year Old Gelding - Congress Champion Youth Geldings

Sheza Fancy Obsession - Weanling Mare - Champion Late Weanling Mare Futurity, Reserve Champion Open Weanling Mares

PR Triple Digit Kid - Weanling Stallion - Champion Early Weanling Colt Futurity, Champion Open Weanling Colts

Predestined To Be Hot - Weanling Colt - Champion Late Weanling Colt Futurity, 3rd Place Open Weanling Colts

Your So Obsesed - Yearling Colt - Reserve Champion Yearling Colts, 3rd Place Open Yearling Colts

Congratulations to our owners and horses on a job well done! 8 Congress Champions and 3 Reserve Congress Champions!!

2007 Reichert Celebration Results


Your So Obsesed - Yearling Stallion - Three 1st, One 2nd and 1 Reserve


Hez Extraordinary - 2 Yr Old Stallion - Four 1st and 4 Grands, Circuit Champion Stallion


Obsesed Layde Love - Yearling Mares - Youth, three 1st, one 2nd. Amateur, three 1st and one 3rd. Open four 1st, 3 Grands and Circuit Champion Mare Youth, Amateur and Open


Kiss A Belle - 2 Yr Old Mare - Three 1st and one 2nd. 1 Grand and 2 Reserves


2007 PHBA World Show Results


Your So Obsesed - Yearling Stallion - Top 10 (8th) in Open and 5th in Amateur


Hesa Fine Fella - Yearling Stallion - Top 5 (4th) in Open and 4th in Amateur


Kid Cata Gold - Aged Gelding - Top 5 (3rd) in Open and Reserve World Champion in Youth


Te Coolest Blonde - 3 Yr Old Mare - Top 5 (3rd) in Open and World Champion in Youth


2007 APHA World Show Results


Obsesed Layde Love - Yearling Mare - World Champion Youth, 3rd in Open, 3rd in Amateur


Brooks Or Dunn - World Champion Open Yearling Stallions


Perjury - World Champion Open Yearling Mares


Obsessive Temptation - Yearling Mare - Reserve World Champion Amateur, 4th in Open


Stylish Blue Dress - 3rd Open Solid Bred Yearling Mares


Embezzlement - 3 Yr Old Mare - 10th in Amateur, 5th in Open


One Hot Topic - Yearling Mares - 4th in Youth


Hesa Macho Man Too - Reserve World Champion Open 3 Yr Old Geldings


Causin Applause - Yearling Mares - 4th in Amateur


2007 PtHA World Show Results


Your So Obsesed - Yearling Stallions - 4th in Open, 7th in Amateur and 1st in yearling stallion futurity


Encores Major -  Reserve World Champion Open 3 Year Stallions, 4th in Amateur and 1st in 3 yr old stallion futurity


RH Sensational Mister - 2 Year Old Stallions- 5th in Open, 8th in Amateur and 2nd in 2 yr old stallion futurity


Wishful Conclusion - Reserve World Champion Open Yearling Mares, 2nd in yearling mare futurity


2007 Mississippi Dixie National Results


Brooks Or Dunn - 2 Firsts  and 2 Seconds Yearling Stallions


Kids Cata Gold - 6 Firsts  and 6 Grands Aged Geldings


Te Coolest Blonde - 5 Firsts and 5 Grands Three Year Old Mares


Obsesed Layde Love - 3 Firsts, 1 Second and 1 Reserve Grand Yearling Mares


Obsessive Temptation - 4 Firsts Two Year Old Mares


Shez Pass N Tradition -  Third overall Three Year Old Mares


Heza Fine Fella - 3 Firsts Yearling Stallions


2007 Ft Worth Fat Stock Show Results


Brooks Or Dunn - 4 Firsts Yearling Stallions and 1 Reserve Grand


J Rods Spirit - 4 Firsts Two Year Old Stallions


Intimate Heiress - 3 Seconds, 1 First in Amateur 2 Yr Old Mares. 4 Fourths in Open


Obsesed Layde Love - 4 Firsts Open Yearling Mares, 1 Reserve Grand and 3 Firsts, 1 Second in Amateur


Obsessive Temptation - 2 Seconds and 1 Third Two Year Old Mares


One Hot Topic - 4 Thirds Yearling Mares


2006 Worldwide APHA Congress Results - Another Great Show!


Obsesed Layde Love - 7 Firsts, 1 Second - Congress Champion and 8 Firsts Weanling Mares Futurity


Stylish Blue Dress - Eight Firsts - Congress Champion


Eterna Gold - 4 Firsts, 4 Seconds - Reserve Congress Champion (teied for First)


Obsessive Temptation - 5 Firsts, 2 Seconds 1 Fourth - Reserve Congress Champion


2006 PHBA World Show Results


No Kiddin Doll - World Champion Amateur, Reserve World Champion Open


Mr Classic Cool - Third Open 3 Year Old Stallions


Eterna Gold - Eighth Amateur and Open 2 Year Old Stallions


2006 APHA World Show Results


Classic Link - World Champion Open, Reserve World Champion Amateur


Perjury - World Champion Open, Reserve World Champion Amateur Weanling Mares


Kids Classic Lady - Reserve World Champion Open and Amateur


FF Shameless Tommyboy - World Champion Overo Color Class


Embezzlement - Fifth 2 Year Old Mares


Obsessive Temptation - World Champion Yaerling Mares, Third Amateur


The Boys Say Hey Baby - Fifth Yearling Breeding Stock Mares


Conclusively First - Ninth 3 Year Old Mares


IB Contagious - Sixth Open Aged Stallions


Eaglepoints Shenandoah - Ninth Tobiano Color Class


2006 PtHA World Show Results


Love Smitten - World Champion Open


Mr Titleist - Reserve World Champion Open


Obsessive Temptation - Yearling Mares World Champion Open and Third in Amateur


Eaglepoints Shenandoah - Third Open Mares


2005 World Wide Paint Horse Congress Results


Steel City Kid - 3 year-old stallions Congress Champion, Class Champion


RPL Negotiator - Aged geldings Reserve Congress Champion, Class Champion


Kids Classic Lady - 3 year-old mares Congress Champion, Class Champion


JMS Elite Fashion - Fourth overall yearling mares


Obsessive Temptation - Weanling fillies Reserve Futurity Champion, Reserve Class Champion


Classic Link - Yearling stallions class champion, Reserve Futurity Champion


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