"The act of getting the best out of the individual given to work with."

"The best comes from selection"

Selection of the best horse to fulfill your goals & Selection of the conditioning program to enhance the individual you have chosen.


Does Your Program Include:



  • TRAINING - Work Program



The Tabor Program Does!

We record daily activity and feeding routines

The elements consistent with each horse as follows:

4 feedings a day

A daily work program

A systematic approach to their day

7 day program - 6 days involve work

ALL ELSE IS INDIVIDUAL - i.e. amount of feed/mixture (normal - oats and alfalfa) amount of exercise, type of exercise, their need for minerals, vitamins, appetite enhancer, hair conditioner, etc. are all individualized.

Cost is another individual issue, costs are basics which I will share with you as each individual has special needs beyond basics. I'll share our present basic and additional service with you; however, before we go into that I would like to explain that our basic service includes all equipment for conditioning and showing - work halters, ropes, neck sweats (including solution), bell boots, splint boots, show halters, blankets, sheets, mane tamers, slinkies, etc.. 

I provide these items because I want everything consistent in familiarity and astectics to each horse. Products again, in my opinion, must be consistent to get the look and feel for the horse to prosper.

Let me say "Selection" again becomes an important element in my training program. A product must do what the company says and must be consistent in its job or results (see our sponsors page). I'm offered a lot of products free but they cannot give me what I like to refer to as the Tabor look.

Our years of experience have allowed us to obtain some of the outstanding professionals in the equine world to assist us with your horse in solving those unique problems and to help establish a BETTER HORSE.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of them:

Dr. J.J. and Beth Rushing

Dr. Glen Tolle

Danny Jackson

Equine Farriers Service

Texas A&M Large Animals

Dr. Squires at Colorado State

All the intercollegiate judging programs that visit us each year

Breeders Choice reproduction specialist

Other Trainers - The network

And last but not least -


When judges use me 1st., I know I've done a good job for that day - when I am not 1st. it's time to review that individual horse and myself to see what I can do better... it's the second opinion that has caused me to grow the most.

"It is my hope that I've said or done something to impact you and your horses life in a positive way".

Basic prices for services outlined above are subject to change based on each horse's needs. Please contact us for pricing.

*There can be other special needs, i.e. therapeutic issues that require additional time - Quotes Available.

Individuals can require some of the services below to obtain the maximum conditioning - you will always be advised before work is done.

Neck Shaping

Laser Acupuncture to Neck

Injectable Vitamins

Additional Hair Conditioning

Additional Foot Care 

(i.e. better blood circulation - therapeutic farrier - daily foot care)

Sales Prep. Service Available, Please call or E-mail Tabor Ranch for details.


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Finance Terms Available - Please call or E-mail Tabor Ranch for details.

Sales Prep. Service Available, Please call or E-mail Tabor Ranch for details.